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About BlackRepo

One fact about people is that while growing up on the outside, there will always be a little kid with no plans for growing up. This kid carries many fun memories, which eventually will pick one or more and transform them into some habit or, as we would like to call it: "A Toy." So, we all have that one toy that we carry around.

The BlackRepo project is taken care of by its team members who shared the same "toy" and came together as volunteers to create a safe and helpful environment for their society. BlackRepo is mirroring the website for Iranian users to have easy access to the BlackArch archive, distributions, and updates for Linux users. We have already launched a repository for anyone who seeks secure access to BlackArch packages.

The BlackRepo is not supported by any governmental organizations, NGOs, data centers, or service providers for any sustenance. And since we want to keep this project independent, we will not accept any support from any other businesses.

Because we are an open community, this does not mean we are alone. It simply means the road to our goal will be longer than expected, and that's why we welcome everyone to join or contribute by any means to our project as the maintenance and the deployments of running such projects require funds, and the costs vary over time.

We are open to donations, and we will spend any amount of money given to the project for maintenance and deployments. By contributing to our project, you can take part in a growing community for Iranian Linux users.

While growing up, one fact about people is their past grows with them, and depending on the memories, their stories vary. We are some who brought a part of that history and synced it with our daily routines.

Getting the latest versions of toys has become a massive part of our lives, and although the games have changed, the goal for playing will always remain the same.

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